Fascias Massage – Structural Integration

Fascia Massage / Structural Integration

Fascia massage can initiate a process of releasing old tensions, relieving chronic pain, reducing postural asymmetries, building up more energy and therefor stagnant life situations can be stimulated.

The first point and main pillar of Tao training is the fascia massage, consisting of a series of seven basic treatments of 75 minutes, through which it is possible to release deep-seated tension and rebalance incorrect posture. The first three basic treatments work on the superficial fascia, the following four on the deeper ones. Subsequently, remaining posture problems are dealt with in three following integration sessions. 

The treatments are arranged according to the Qi flow in the meridians. Meridians or energy channels run largely in the fascia spaces between muscles. Fascia which are stuck together – as a result of chronic physical and emotional tension or past traumas – impede the flow of energy. The treatments detach stuck fascia / muscles from one another – this results in a stronger flow of Qì, which in turn leads to health and vitality.

Structural integration deepens and strengthens the Qì flow in the meridians in a clearly perceptible way and is the basis for effective acupressure and acupuncture.

Chronic blockages – including emotional and psychological ones – can be resolved and thus the causes for a wide variety of symptoms and diseases can be withdrawn. Structural work on the fascial and energetic system enables holistic restructuring and development of body, soul and spirit.

Topics that emerge and deal with in the treatments can be:

  • Breathing and heart opening (chest, diaphragm, shoulders, arms)
  • Connect / ground to the roots (feet, legs, pelvis))
  • Contact and relationship (shoulder and pelvic girdles, arms, hands)
  • Ability to surrender and let go (back, buttocks, back of legs)
  • Centering and trust (psoas – the connection between stomach, pelvis, leg)
  • Sincerity and flexibility (spine, back)

Brief description of the first seven treatments

Session 1: Upper Limb and Chest
Fascia massage on the chest and upper extremities increases the flexibility of the thorax and therefor results in a greater amplitude of the breathing movement. The liberation of the fasciae of the chest is beneficial and has a positive effect on the flow of energy in the heart and lung meridian and therefor also on the topics of self-confidence and optimism.

Session 2: Pelvis and Lower Limbs
The fascia work on the pelvis and legs improves contact with sensually perceptible reality and brings accumulated energy from the head into the lower half of the body. Thus, the second session supports grounding and independence. It promotes the flow of energy in the stomach and spleen-pancreas meridian. You feel safe and secure in your midst. The fascia massage on the back of the leg follows the bladder meridian, whereby a deep letting go and surrender can be experienced. Overall, the second session brings the two elements earth and water into harmony.

Session 3: side of the body and heart area
The third session works on the fascia on the side of the body. It frees the flanks, which enables flank breathing to be deepened. The flow of energy in the meridians of the small intestine, San Jiao and gall bladder is stimulated. With the wooden element strengthened in this way, you gain more assertiveness and can more easily initiate steps towards a possible change. With good wood energy, you can go your own way with perseverance and persistence.

In the second part of the treatment, the small and large pectoral muscles are loosened, which can reveal deep feelings of the heart.

Session 4: Inside Legs and Adductors
In the fourth session, the flow of energy in the legs and pelvis is promoted. It opens the often restricted kidney, liver and spleen-pancreas meridians (all three are Yin meridians) and directs the energy upwards to the pelvis. You can come into contact with core emotions and perhaps perceive them more clearly than they have been for a long time.

Session 5: abdomen and chest
The fascia massage of the chest and stomach provides deep access to our soft feelings. By working on the stomach and the psoas you will experience your own very deep power.

Session 6: back, buttocks and back of legs
After sessions 4 & 5 open the front of the body, the sixth session frees the back of the body. Working on the bladder meridian allows a deep letting go and a feeling of immersion in the flow of life.

Session 7: Neck and Head
The seventh treatment involves working on the head and neck. This work enables a gradual release of head control. It promotes clear, authentic and heartfelt self-expression.

By opening the fasciae, the flow of energy in the meridians is stimulated, which makes acupressure, meridian massages, Shiatsu and any other body work noticeably more effective. The organism can often rebalance psychological as well as physical imbalances through fascia massage and / or acupressure.