Treatment process

The body is systematically worked through by means of the Fascia Massage. In this way, the deep causes of many symptoms can be removed. Tension patterns in the whole body can be resolved and emotional issues can also be dealt with.
Disturbances in the fascial system can also be seen as the cause of a large number of pains – these conditions are relieved step by step in the course of the treatments.

In order to achieve lasting results, the following sequence is recommended:

  1. Medical history and meridian massage
  2. Treatment 1 to 3 – the superficial fascia
  3. Treatment 4 to 7 – the deep fascia
  4. Integration: 3 integration treatments: Depending on the remaining themes, each session is tailor-made. It encompasses various fascial techniques.

During this process of 10-15 sessions, rigid structures can be systematically worked through and solved. The treatments ideally take place on a weekly basis.

In addition to the work done during the session, exercises such as stretching, breathing exercises or meridian Qigong are offered and can be supplemented by personal development work.
It is recommended to practice EnerQi during this time and also afterwards.